Middle School Courses (Grades 6-8)

Summer@HPA, June 25 - July 20, 2018

Full Day Class (Periods 1, 2, and 3): 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Experience Hawaii: From Sea to Land

This course runs through the full four weeks of our Summer program. Students will participating in two weeks of Sailing and two weeks of Outdoor Leadership.


“There is nothing -- absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats.” , Kenneth Grahame, Wind in the Willows

Learn to sail in the beautiful waters off the Big Island. This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of sailing, of handling a small sailboat on your own. We will cover the parts of a boat, the points of sail, and many other aspects of sailing such a knot tying and care of a vessel. Curriculum covered will be based upon the US Sailing program for beginning sailors. Week two will cover more advanced sailing aspects.

Outdoor Leadership

This two week class you will explore the basics of outdoor adventure philosophy and leadership. Through this course students will be introduced to the art of camping from front-country to backcountry. This adventure class will focus on teaching students all the steps of an adventure from planning and logistics to going out and doing it. All adventure environments will be safe, ethical and fun. Skills such as backcountry cooking, safe water purification methods, and how to utilize minimal impact adventure. The skills that are learned here are applicable to any environment and activity. Students will gain the confidence to create their own safe and responsible adventures. Students will be challenged mentally and physically.

Two Hour Class Periods

CSI and Forensics: Not Just Digging Up Bones!

Have you ever thought about being a Crime Scene Investigator? What about a Forensic Pathologist? A Ballistics Specialist? Learn about the science behind crime scene investigations! Students will explore many of these topics through case studies, films, hands-on labs, reading, guest speakers, and field trips. Topics will include evidence collection, fingerprints, DNA profiling, blood and blood spatter, drug toxicology, handwriting analysis, bite analysis, soil examination, forensic anthropology, cause of death, glass evidence, and much more! This class will help you look at science in a whole new way!

Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Food

Students will interactively prepare different foods and learn what is happening on a molecular. Students will make predictions— for example, what happens to make bread rise? Do all flours work the same in bread and why or why not. Why do egg whites get fluffy when you beat them and why doesn’t that happen to egg yolks? Why does puff pastry have to cook at 400 degrees? What happens when you brine a piece of meat, or ferment cabbage to make sauerkraut?

Introduction to Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) course will introduce students to the fantastic world of VR/AR. Students will research both VR and AR to discover the differences and similarities, and the potential application of these technologies to the educational environment and other areas of society. Students will be building their own VR viewers out of recycled materials. The course will be comprised of hands-on experiential learning opportunities, research components, and presentation preparation.

Basic Web Design

The Internet is a part of our technologically advanced society. Many businesses make millions of dollars with just a website! More information is available to anyone with an Internet connection than all the books in all the libraries in Hawai‘i! The Internet works because of websites which are built using several types of coding languages. The foundational building blocks are HTML and CSS. In this course, students will learn the basics to HTML and CSS programming. Students will explore and be able to work at their own pace using The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard training software. Students will also research and learn about WYSIWYG web development software. Come and learn about the building blocks of the Internet and make your own website!


In this course, students will build robots, control these robots through code and then use the robots to complete programmed functions. Teacher led introductory sessions will progress to small group, project-based efforts which will test the students' understanding and perseverance. Students will learn to think like a computer scientist, with a strong emphasis on problem solving. Additionally, collaborative skills will be developed to enhance team efforts needed to successfully compete with other groups.

The Creative Writer’s Toolbox

“I totally didn’t see that coming!”

“I was on the edge of my seat!”

“I couldn’t put it down!”

We all love a good story. But what makes a story good? What makes us keep reading, watching, or clicking “Next Episode”? In this creative writing class, we’ll learn the tips, tricks, and secrets of writing that transports and inspires us. We’ll study the elements of our favorite books, movies, and shows, and break them down into building blocks that can be found in the best storytelling. We’ll take a look at, characters, conflict, suspense, and how to keep your audience turning the page. You’ll discover how to create a main character that people will root for, how to spin a story that will keep people guessing, and how to create plot twists that will leave your readers spellbound. This class will explore the endless possibilities of creativity and equip you with the tools you need to write a thrilling story.

Everybody Has a Story: Visual Art and Storytelling for Middle School

Do you like to create characters and tell stories? This class is for you. Moving back and forth between words and images we will learn techniques to bring your world to life. Masterful storytelling is a combination of imagination and technique. Visual storyboards and world-building will support the development of your narrative as we explore plot, theme, character development, point-of-view, setting and tone to write short stories, explore the world of poetry, song-writing and flash fiction.

Ceramics: Making Meaning, Making Fun

From pinch pots to plates, along with portraits of our pets and people clay responds to our touch and technique. Student-artists will explore the tactile, responsive nature of this magical material while learning how to hand-build using techniques of coil and slab-building to create sculptural forms that are meaningful to them. Learning to throw on the wheel is challenging and also satisfying. Considering classic cultural traditions from around the world the vessel becomes one more place to access the wonder of making objects in clay. Come join us. We’ll muck about and make fun.

Endemic Hawai’i: Design Thinking and Print Making (Introductory Course)

Create your own unique limited edition print design inspired by nature, tradition and craft of the Hawaiian culture. Students will learn visualization skills, creative process documentation, stamp carving, natural dyeing and traditional printing methods inspired by the ohe kapala style. Students will observe and document inspiration for their print designs, which they will collect from excursions and visitations with local experts. Students will create exhibition quality prints and a creative process book that will be displayed at HPA’s Isaacs Art Center during the final summer exhibition.

Capture the Big Island

Dive into your passion for photography as you find inspiration amid the rolling hills of the Kohala Mountains, the crystal clear water of Hapuna Beach, and the rainbow of colors of Hawai'i Island! Under the guidance of a professional photographer, students gain a basic understanding of techniques such as angling, centering, framing and exposure. Together we’ll capture candid shots to create personal projects the students will carry with them long after their tans have faded.

Required: To participate in this class students must have their own digital camera and USB cable or memory card reader.


In Glee, students learn how to sing lead and background vocals using popular music by contemporary artists. The class focuses on techniques to improve and strengthen student’s singing voices, as well as some necessary music skills that every singer needs. This course also includes instruction in stage presence and choral choreography.

Musical Theater Performance

Back by popular demand -The 20 Minute Musical! Last summer’s mini production of Annie was a blast for the performers and a treat for our end of summer talent show audience. In this class we will choose a popular musical based on the number of students we have. We will select highlights from that musical creating a fun, fast paced performance that we will rehearse and prepare for our final performance night. As we rehearse we will be working on our improv, acting, singing, and choreography skills. You don’t need to have experience performing to enjoy this class. If you’ve never been on stage before, this class is a perfect opportunity to discover and explore this exciting art from, and if you’re already a pro we need your awesome skills to make our show amazing!



Cost: Included with boarding tuition, day students: $225

The intramural sports program promotes healthy competition, physical fitness, sportsmanship, and fun. The program consists of a rotating schedule that might include softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, or a number of other field activities and sports.

Horseback Riding

Cost: Day and boarding students $600

In the Summer@HPA Horseback Riding course students will learn proper grooming and tacking procedures and will gain a working knowledge of aides and mechanics involved when riding English. Instruction in equitation, trail riding, horse care, and maintenance is stressed.

Tennis Instruction

Cost: Day and boarding students $450

Summer@HPA Tennis course is designed to accommodate all players’ abilities. Students will become privy to the latest tennis research and learn how physical laws and court dimensions dictate FUNdamentals. Students will have the option of having their essential strokes filmed in high speed. Come learn, laugh and improve at the Rutgers Tennis Center Summer@HPA Tennis Program.

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