Elliot Kastner '09

We welcomed Elliot Kastner ‘09 back to campus on September 21, 2016 as its inaugural guest in the Alumni Speaker Series. Kastner, who graduated from HPA in 2009, was student body president, and an academic and All-BIIF standout in football, wrestling, and discus. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and biomedical engineering from Dartmouth College, where he also played football. As a defensive lineman, he won several Dartmouth football awards, including the Lester R. Godwin award, given "to the senior football player who, through extraordinary perseverance, has risen above personal disadvantage to contribute measurably to the team."
Dartmouth College has a no-tackling-during-practice policy and during his senior year in the Thayer School of Engineering, Kastner and his engineering partner developed a robotic tackling dummy prototype for the Dartmouth football and rugby teams. The first Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) was born and in June 2015, Kastner co-founded Mobile Virtual Player LLC, where he currently serves as director of research and development. Kastner has made guest appearances on ESPNʻs SportsCenter and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the Mobile Virtual Player.

Elliot spent a total of four days on campus engaging with students and faculty, and by all accounts, his visit was a tremendous success!

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