Hans Solmssen '75

As part of the 2017-2018 Alumni Speaker Series, HPA was thrilled to welcome Hans Solmssen ‘75 who enjoyed three action-packed days on the upper and lower campuses, engaging with students, visiting classes, and sharing his more than twenty years of experience guiding clients in backcountry skiing, heli-skiing, mountaineering, kite-surfing, and sailing adventures through the Swiss and Italian Alps, Greenland, India, Brazil, Greece, and Croatia.

The week included visits to the eLab for student presentations, Mrs. Tarnas’ Fifth Grade Classroom, Mrs. Hayslip’s Food, Farming and Social Change Seminar, College Counseling, the Art Building with Mr. Hayslip, assemblies in both GPAC and Davies Chapel, and a reception at Atherton House. Hans was wowed by the faculty, the students, and the level of academic and creative energy that permeates our campus.

While Hans inspired students with stories (and videos) of his adventures, he also spoke of the importance that HPA’s core values have played in his life as a mountain guide. In particular, he talked of pursuing excellence each day on the mountain, and the power of wonder - to be curious about the world around you, to appreciate each moment, and to wake each day with a sense of purpose and contentment. What an incredible opportunity to see a hometown kid from Waimea take the world by storm! Thank you Hans!

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