Every Thursday we dive deep into the HPA archive and feature unique vignettes from HPA’s rich history! Enjoy!

As the 2017 Ka Makani Football season gets ready to kick off on Maui this Saturday, take a look back 50+ years...Go getʻem boys! Saturdayʻs game is being played at War Memorial Stadium, kick off at 12:30 pm.

In the spirit of the 2018 alumni reunion weekend 31 May-3 June), here is a TBT shot of three alumnae from 1983. Dig the logo on their uniforms and how each personified Ka Makani is unique and expressive! Letʻs see if we can find one of those uniforms for the reunion! Can we guess who these Cheerleaders are?

TBT: Circa 1962...recognize the location? 51 years...yes, that is Anna Perry-Fiske dorm, aka upper dorm.

A classic #tbt moment from Hartwell Dorm (now Carter Hall) in 2012 when the resident Hartwell punk rock band decided to spontaneously set up in the downstairs commons and have a Saturday afternoon jam session! Share your memories of hanging out in the dorms below!

Another gem for #tbt from the 1968 Ka Makani, featuring the HPA swim team striking a pose on an old sampan at Kawaihae Harbor! While the HPA team of today has enjoyed the beautiful Dowsett Pool on campus since 1989, the original HPA swim team used to have all of their swim practices in Kawaihae Harbor in a "pool" that consisted of lane lines and two platforms that the school would roll out every swim season. Talk about grit! Leave your memories of those times below!

From the 1974 Ka Makani--A family portrait of longtime faculty members Howard & Pat Hall and their children Malia, Lisa, and John. I'm sure someone in the HPA 'Ohana knows the names of their pet pig, the miniature horse, and the golden retriever! Please leave their names below!

Here's a page from the 1974 issue of the #kamakani featuring Auntie June and the legendary HPA kitchen staff! These wonderful women cooked for generations of boarding and day students and they are still fondly remembered today!

For #tbt it's a classic outtake from the 1971 Ka Makani yearbook, featuring a group of HPA students enjoying the wide open spaces and experiences that Hawaii Island provides!

It's #tbt at #hpa, this time from the senior section of the 1972 Ka Makani yearbook. Can you identify these fellow alumni/alumnae in this photograph? We are looking forward to welcoming HPA's Class of 1972 for their 45th class reunion at our upcoming Alumni Reunion from June 1-4.

It's #tbt at #HPA, this time featuring the Class of #1987 from the Ka Makani #yearbook. While the school has changed quite a bit over the past 30 years, Flagpole remains a gathering place for students between classes and for our weekly#Friday flagpole gatherings.

Here is a photo of HPA boys from the Middle Dorm (now Robertson Hall), getting ready to ride with Mr. Solmssen and his early herd of Ka Makani horses. The HPA Horse program continues on our campus to this day and Mr. Solmssen is still involved! Robertson Hall, has been a co-ed hall for many years--the only co-ed hall on campus.

With HPA Olympics wrapping up last week on our campus, we thought it would be a good time to re-visit HPA's Class of 2007's attempt at getting over the legendary HPA Wall back in March of 2007!Hope to see this class in force at their 10th-year reunion at HPA's Alumni Reunion from June 1-4.

The 1967 Ka Makani yearbook was dedicated to one of Hawaii's most celebrated architects, Vladimir N. Ossipoff.

Mr. Ossipoff was the architect for HPA's new Upper Campus in the late 1950's and his signature style of "Hawaiian Modern" architecture continues to influence the student "HPA Experience" on our campus to this day.

Here is the dedication from the 1967 Ka Makani:

"Mr. Ossipoff has translated on this windy campus the ideas of teaching and learning, for development of the whole man, into structures of wood, stone, and concrete. With artistic sensitivity to the needs of all who seek knowledge, but particularly for all of us now and for those who will follow us, he has designed a campus of strength, for youth, and for intellectual and spiritual growth. He teaches and will teach not in the classroom but in his use of line, of texture in stone and wood and of function in our every day use of his whole design."

Here's a classic photo of the #Classof1967 enjoying the beautiful waters of the #KohalaCoast during Prom Weekend, May 20-21, 1967. The Class of '67 will be arriving on campus for their 50th class reunion on June 1. We look forward to welcoming and hosting all of you very soon!

HPA's Class of #1982 from the #kamakani yearbook! This class will be celebrating its 35th reunion happening from June 1-4, 2017. Hope to see you there!

Here's a photo that we found in our archive of the Class of 1977's #graduation in Castle Gymnasium, featuring student body president Dexter Kaiama at the podium addressing his classmates. We look forward to welcoming back the Class of '77 to our campus for their 40th class reunion during Alumni Reunion Weekend, from June 1-4!

From the 1982 Ka Makani Yearbook - the Social Committee!

Here's a page from the 1974 issue of the #kamakani #yearbook featuring Auntie June and the legendary HPA kitchen staff! These wonderful women cooked for generations of #boarding and day students and they are still fondly remembered today!

Here is the original conceptual drawing of the future layout of HPA's Upper Campus. When construction of the Upper Campus began it was void of trees and barren--and yet someone had the vision of what this place could become!

Mr. Solmssen and his official faculty photograph from the 1967 #kamakani yearbook! Mr. Solmssen can still be found on our campus daily, working up at his beloved #tajmahal, tending to his herd of horses. Mr. Solmssen began teaching at HPA in 1957 when it was still known as the Hawaii Episcopal Academy. What a legend!

Our "Go Green" sustainability initiatives humbly began with key leadership provided by the Class of 2008. Here members of the Class of 2008 and 2009 plant keiki kalo in a dry land patch with the help of Mr. Emmons.

The Letterman's Club from the 1960 Ka Makani.

From the 1970 Ka Makani Yearbook: an HPA student flies a kite in the hills and fields around campus. If there's one thing we always have lots of here, it's wind!

HPA students hang out in a dorm room in the 1960's.

HPA students roast marshmallows in the dorm fireplace in 1963.

It's throwback Thursday! Members of the 1977-78 Student Council. Seated, left to right: Diana Haight '79, Brant Cooper '79, Nona Hasegawa '78, Doug Mannen '78, Patrick Patrick Sullivan '78. Standing, left to right: Wende Haserot Tostenson '79, Keoki Young '80, Kristi Hanson '80. Nona was HPA's first female president!

The third-grade class from the Village Campus in the 1978 Ka Makani.

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