Campus Master Plan

HPA recently embarked upon Phase One of a campus master plan with the assistance of Flansburgh Architects, the firm that designed HPA’s ground-breaking Energy Lab. The Flansburgh team has completed conceptual designs for two key Upper School projects—an academic innovation hub and new residence hall—with others to follow. Meanwhile, work continues at the Village Campus to define facility improvements for the Lower and Middle Schools.

When achieved, Phase One will address the highest priority needs in all three school divisions, while also protecting and enhancing HPA’s historic beauty. With each project, HPA teachers and students will gain the necessary space, flexibility, equipment, and technology to elevate learning across the board at HPA—through academics, athletics, residential life, and co-curricular activities. To reach this ambitious goal, HPA has begun to explore funding options, including philanthropic support from generous and forward-thinking donors.

Even as Phase One kicks off, faculty and staff are beginning to consider future aspects of the campus plan. These include an arts complex and an eventual relocation of the Middle School to adjoin and take advantage of Upper School facilities. Ultimately, when HPA’s full campus plan is realized, every HPA building will give students all the tools they need to shine.

At the Upper School, Phase One of the campus master plan calls for new or renovated facilities that support five key objectives. An innovation hub (1) will advance project-based learning and interdisciplinary coursework. A new residence hall (2) and faculty housing (3) will expand the boarding program and bring more faculty mentors to live on campus. The current library will be transformed into a learning commons (4), where students and teachers will find space and resources for cooperative group work or independent research. An expansion of HPA athletic facilities (5) will provide all students with greater access to fitness and training equipment, supporting both competitive athletics and lifelong well-being. Meanwhile, at the Village Campus, Phase One priorities continue in the planning stage.

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