Proposed Innovation Hub

Many of HPA's classrooms were built in the mid-1950s, and while these small spaces hold a multitude of memories and exemplify the prized Vladimir Ossipoff aesthetic, the Academy's current wave of curricular innovation requires a supply of modern, more flexible teaching spaces. As a critical first step, HPA is exploring conceptual designs for an innovation hub opposite the current science building. Inside, three new classrooms will serve a wide array of coursework at HPA.

Expanding upon success at the Energy Lab, the building will directly enhance students’ ability to pursue independent projects, collaborate in groups, and ultimately present their work to the public. In larger, glass-walled classrooms that open to the outside, teachers will be able to diversify classroom activities and supervise different kinds of activity in a single class period.

Like the eLab, the proposed innovation hub will include plenty of cutting-edge technology and equipment. Outside, a large lanai will double as an outdoor classroom, perfect for student work, breakout sessions, or team teaching. Opposite the facility, HPA’s current science building will receive a facelift, including a new glass wall facing south, so that together, both buildings create an open, cohesive unit, with the outdoor classroom between. At both ends of the lanai, smaller glass-walled spaces will provide additional capacity for faculty or student work.

The new innovation hub will support a more diverse, project-based curriculum.

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