Proposed Residence Hall

HPA’s multicultural student body is one of the Academy’s greatest strengths and most unique features. A new residence hall will allow HPA to increase the number of boarding students who live and learn alongside students from Hawai‘i Island, further strengthening one of the most dynamic, diverse student bodies of any U.S. independent school.

Faculty mentors on campus

The residence hall will also bring more HPA faculty to live and work closely with students on campus. Each floor of 10 to 12 students will be served by a resident faculty member. The three-bedroom faculty apartments will better accommodate teachers with families and will greatly enhance HPA’s current stock of faculty housing. In general, the size and quality of faculty housing at HPA does not compare as favorably to housing at competitor schools. The new dorm will begin to address this challenge.

Space for curriculum

Finally, the building includes critical common space where faculty and proctors can lead and supervise the components of HPA’s new residential life curriculum. Launched in 2016, the curriculum calls for weekly floor, dorm, or all-community gatherings that foster student leadership and address key topics throughout the school year. The new hall will complete the residential neighborhood centered around Anna’s Field and will include improved recreational spaces for everyone at HPA to enjoy.

Proposed Innovation Hub

Campus Master Plan

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