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Financial Aid at HPA

At HPA, we believe that financial aid is, at its core, about opportunity. It is about removing barriers that prevent earnest, bright, and talented young people from achieving their goals. Financial aid is a reflection of our deep commitment to attracting and supporting those students and their families. This year, nearly 50% of HPA students receive some financial aid.

Our financial aid recipients come from every corner of our island, our state, and our world. Our financial aid recipients are all-star athletes, top scholars, student leaders, trekkers, artists, performers, and doers. By supporting and attending Alu Mai, you are helping to cultivate the future for these young people by giving them access to the HPA experience. Thank you for supporting these students on their respective journeys. We are grateful to count each one as a member of our community.

Support Financial Aid

November 16, 2019
5 to 10 p.m.
HPA's Upper Campus