Together for HPA.

When you make a gift to the HPA Fund, you help create academic and co-curricular experiences that go far beyond the ordinary—from ocean reefs to art classrooms to playing fields to robotics in the Energy Lab. By joining together with gifts of all sizes, we make a big difference each year, every year.
The impact of your gift

Tuition covers 80 percent of the cost of the HPA experience. The remaining 20 percent is possible because of generous support from alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends. For independent schools like HPA, a strong tradition of annual giving translates into the financial wherewithal to offer competitive faculty salaries, rigorous and diverse courses of instruction, vibrant arts programs, competitive sports teams, and the list goes on.

This is our moment to turn aloha into action

Thousands of us in Hawai‘i and around the world love HPA. But did you know that only five percent of alumni and less than half of parents currently make a gift to the HPA Fund each year? Every great school needs a network of passionate supporters. From this point forward, we invite our beautiful HPA ‘ohana to become more involved and to help elevate the school we love. HPA needs us. Together, we celebrate what HPA is today, and we make it even stronger for the future. Thank you for your gift.



Some Other Ways the HPA Fund Makes a Difference:

The HPA Fund makes it possible for students to utilize image recognition software to develop a turtle based recognition algorithm so that individual turtles can be identified from the images taken. Students use this software to assess the population status of green turtles in certain areas along the west coast of the Big Island.

The HPA Fund makes it possible for students to create a bionic prosthetic hand that will be made of 3D Printed Material, giving the user complete mobility of all fingers and joints in the biohand.

The HPA Fund makes it possible to purchase new computers for students to use at the libraries, energy lab, computer lab, and dormitories.

The HPA Fund makes it possible for our middle school students to capture the beauty of their surroundings through writing, photography, and other multimedia.

The HPA Fund makes it possible for our Village Campus garden to grow, ensuring that a love for nature starts early within our children.

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