'Ohana Board

‘Ohana Association (‘Ohana) works to grow HPA bond, create great memories, and enhance the HPA experience for all. HPA's strength is the result of our community's commitment to one another through collective passion, hard work, and support of everyone touched by the school. The time, energy, and resources devoted by alumni, parents, and friends provide the strength of the foundation on which the HPA experience is built.

We welcome your comments and questions. Any of the officers or directors can be reached via

'Ohana Board Information

Meet the Board Members


President: Joan Stewart (P’20)


Secretary/Communications: Emily Hoover (P’27 '30)

Treasurer: Barb Davis (P‘18 ‘21)



Co-Directors of Welcoming - Village Campus: Monica Hattoon Green (P'27) and Jessica Christopher

Director of Welcoming - Upper Campus: Tim Bostock (P’21)

Director of Boarding Parents/Liaison: Joan Stewart (P’20)

General Meetings Coordinator: Karen Goore

Director of Events - Village Campus: MJ Allison (P’28 '31)

Co-Directors of Events - Upper Campus: Annette Hodges and Bridgit Dowling

Fundraising: Barbara Hughes (P’20 ‘22)

HPA Advancement Liaison: Tiffany Freitas

Co-Directors of Community Liaison: Michele Sullivan and Leimana Fonoimoana

Athletic Department Liaison: Barbara Hughes (P’20 ‘22)

Members at Large: Ann Chau and Suzanne McKinney