Bring Your Own Device

HPA is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school for grades 6-12.

To ensure the success of the BYOD program HPA has several platforms that support a 1:1 device learning environment. myHPA, is our new password-protected single sign-on educational management software powered by Blackbaud's K-12 Education Management Portfolio. The new portal that allows parents and students to access information more easily and communicate with the school more effectively, all in one location and accessible through your mobile device. myHPA also allows our teachers to create courses accessible online for students to access through their BYO Device. Google Suite for Education allows students to create and collaborate with others. We have a full-time K-8 educational technologist to support our teachers and students in their implementation of technology within the learning environment."

Here is what you need to know to ensure your child is ready for BYOD this fall:

What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requires students to bring their personal laptops or hybrid laptops from home and use them for education applications in the classroom.

What will my child need for BYOD?

As a part of the BOYD program at HPA your child will need a device that meets certain requirements. Basically, they will need a Mac, Windows or Chromebook laptop or hybrid that has functional wireless capability and a battery with at least 6 hours of advertised runtime. It is also suggested that the devices operating system is kept up-to-date as this helps with usability and security.


Specific Device Requirements


Apple Laptop

Windows Laptop or Hybrid

Chromebook or Hybrid

Operating System

Updated Version

Updated Version

Updated Version


5GHz 802.11g

5GHz 802.11g

5GHz 802.11g

Minimum Battery Runtime

6 Hours

6 Hours

6 Hours


13” Macbook Pro, Macbook Air

Any laptop or hybrid that has a core i3 processor

Lenovo 300e, 500e or Acer R11 or R13



Approximate Costs (Can vary greatly depending on brand and technical specifications)

$999 and up +accessories

$400 and up +accessories

$270 and up +accessories

Form Factor

Laptop or Hybrid Laptop only. (Macbooks, Windows Laptops, Windows hybrids, Chromebooks and Chromebook hybrids)

*Note: Tablets (iPad, Android), smartphones (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone) and dedicated eReaders (Kindle, Nook, etc...) do not meet the minimum requirements.

Security Software

For laptops and hybrids that have Windows or Mac OS, Antivirus software is required such as Avast Antivirus


*If you began the BYOD in the 2017-18 school year and are currently using an iPad please contact your division’s administrator.


User Minimum Expectations

Before the first day of school, students should be able to use their device to get on their Internet browser and access the myHPA or Google App Suite. They should also know how to take screenshots, photos, and videos on their device. The device should be fully charged at the beginning of each school day, and it is recommended, that the power cord be available if needed during the school day.


Devices that meet the specific device requirements in the table above will function with HPA’s essential educational and communication software systems. In some cases, students will need to spend a small amount of money on software, though we recommend the use of free software/apps (Gmail, Google Drive, myHPA, etc.) and open-source software when possible.


We strongly recommend that students purchase an extended warranty for their device at the time of purchase. Students can bring their device to the HPA Information Technology Department (IT) for initial diagnosis in the event of malfunction. If the problem can be easily fixed within 15 minutes, the IT staff will do so. If not, students will be provided with a loaner device for no longer than two weeks and the student/family are responsible for the repair or replacement of the device. If the student is a boarder, IT will get his or her computer repaired after receiving parental permission to do so. Just like textbooks, notebooks, and other tools for learning, the student owns and is ultimately responsible for the upkeep and usefulness of the device.

Additional Recommendations

Form Factor

Maximum Weight 2kg.

Laptop Hardware

Windows/Mac Solid State Drive Minimum RAM 8GB

Chromebook Minimum RAM 4GB, Chromebook that is Android App capable.


Apple/Windows Devices:Cloud or USB Backup Solution

Chromebook (none required)


Accidental loss and damage insurance


Headphones, computer case or skin


Will HPA provide repair support for my childʻs device?

HPAʻs Information Technology (IT) team will provide assistance to students to ensure that they can connect to the schoolʻs network and run appropriate and necessary software.

IT will address issues that require minimal hardware “repair,” i.e., work that can be done in 15 minutes or less. When more extensive work is required, IT will provide students with information on where devices can be taken for repair. IT will assist boarding students in getting their devices to a service center for repair, if necessary.

Will my child need to register his/her device for security purposes?

Yes. Registration will occur automatically the first time your child logs in to the schoolʻs network.

Will my child be required to update/replace his/her device? If so, how often?

We anticipate the replacement schedule for your childʻs device to vary, possibly every three to four years.

Will all of my childʻs textbooks be electronic?

No. Your child will continue to purchase textbooks through our official bookstore, or other online source.

If a class already is using an online textbook, this might be an option from MBS Direct.

For more information, please contact:

High School: Marc Rice Director, Science and Technology (

Middle School: Shannon H. Doak Ed.D K-8 Educational Technologist (

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