Lower & Middle Phys Ed

Prepare for an active, healthy, balanced life.

Physical education plays a crucial role in Lower and Middle School. We want our students to feel the experience of well-rounded balance in their lives at an early age, so that they carry these habits with them into adolescence and adulthood. Our physical education teachers are fully integrated into the curriculum, partnering with classroom teachers to deliver a cohesive, interdisciplinary learning environment.

Lower School

At this age, we help students think and reflect about movement—its form, function, purpose, and potential. The process of ordering information and instructions helps them develop the physical skills they need. To aid this process, we center our curriculum around four thematic units: activity behavior, physical fitness, fundamental motor skills, and movement as it relates to self and others. Additional activities, such as the Keiki Triathlon and swimming lessons, further promote the idea of lifelong fitness.

Middle School

Physical education is a regular class in our rotating, six-day schedule. We introduce a large variety of activities including handball, flag football, soccer, basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and swimming, as well as running, conditioning, and strength training. In eighth grade, students have access to a special elective that helps prepare them for Upper School sports and for a fit and healthy lifestyle.