As an HPA student, you’ll enjoy fresh, beautiful meals prepared from scratch at both the Village Campus and the Upper Campus. Our dining halls are operated by Flik Hospitality Group with a commitment to locally grown and prepared food that is free of added hormones, antibiotics, and harmful additives. Flik also operates a coffee, snack, and sandwich bar in Ko Kākou Hale (our Upper School student center) and provides special meals for student and alumni events.

We believe that offering fresh, local ingredients provides the best option for optimal nutrition. Flik’s goal is to cook from scratch whenever possible with unprocessed meats, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. They use only certified humane/cage-free eggs; rBGHfree milk; seafood in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program; naturally raised beef; and antibiotic-free chicken and pork.

We strive to provide a continually changing selection that satisfies many different palates and cultural backgrounds. Menus are developed by the Flik chefs not on a set cycle but in partnership with our school community, the productivity of our gardens, and local food sources. Special and fun meals are created for the boarding community on weekends, and students are actively encouraged to provide feedback on their favorite meals. Allergy boards are prominently posted in each dining area with ingredient lists.

How and what we eat at HPA reflects our desire to live in sustainable and regenerative ways. We are working to implement the ambitious HPA Sustainability Plan, including benchmarks for consumption of locally grown food, disposal of waste, and partnership with two campus gardens. We focus on nutrition and healthy eating through our physical education and health programs, as well as our residential life curriculum. In short, we view food as one of the most fundamental components of wellbeing—for the individual and our planet—and we strive to help our students understand the many systems and choices involved in truly healthy eating.