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Across our islands and many continents, Ka Makani share the common bond of aloha and giving back. The alumni office is here to help HPA alumni connect with each other and with the school. Together, we strengthen our bonds, open doors to opportunity for today’s students, and keep our HPA ‘ohana a force for good in the world.

Alumni Exclusive

Ka Makani Pride

We are offering our alumni first chance at an exclusive Sig Zane for HPA Hole Waimea aloha shirt and pareu. Reflecting the colors of the HPA seal, these one-of-a-kind Ka Makani classics will only be available for a limited time. Half of every purchase will go towards our HPA Fund in support of financial aid and is tax-deductible.

Our collective impact

In ways large and small, HPA alumni are shaping professions and communities here in Hawai‘i and far beyond. Let us know where you are and what you’re up to.

We do not yet know the owner of the burial, but the construction features of the boat are unique and have changed our understanding of ancient Egyptian boats.”

Veronica Morriss ’03

There’s a lot to it, but the only way to develop as a sports photographer in my eyes is to shoot and keep shooting … the only way to get better at your craft is to do it as much as you possibly can.”

Hiro Ueno ’14

I want to completely eradicate the idea that people who speak pidgin are somehow not as intelligent as people who speak “standard” varieties of English, or that pidgin is somehow ‘less’ of a language in any way.”

Harmony Graziano ’15

Sharing the history and stories of the land and ancestors, and being able to give back and work the same land as them…it’s amazing.”

Leighton Hind ’04
Ka Makani Essentials, alumni

Ka Makani Essentials

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Alumni in the news

Alina Sabyr ’14 receives a prestigious Watson Fellowship

A graduate of Colgate University in astronomy/physics, Sabyr will study skywatching cultures in Greece, Mexico, and New Zealand

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Ambassadors of Green

Thanks to a visionary grant from Jim Kennedy ’66, HPA is assembling a campus-wide Sustainability Plan by April 2019. The ultimate goal? Create a road map for HPA to be among the greenest of schools.

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Covering Tūtū Pele in the social media age

Mileka Lincoln ’02 wins Emmy for Kīlauea eruption coverage

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Giving back to HPA

HPA makes a difference in the world because of generous Ka Makani like you, who offer their time and gifts to uphold both our present and our future.