International Applicants

Hawai‘i Island is the perfect location for study in the U.S.

Located at a nexus point between the United States and many other nations, Hawai‘i is often called the crossroads of the Pacific. Hawai‘i offers U.S. language and culture, Hawaiian traditions, and multicultural exchanges, along with awe-inspiring natural landscapes and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. At HPA, we take full advantage of all these attributes to create an academically-ambitious yet fun-loving school community.

Our international students are an integral part of the HPA experience and valuable members of our community. The boarding population includes students from 25 countries and 16 U.S. states and territories. HPA’s diverse graduates form a worldwide family, or ’ohana, as we like to say here in Hawai‘i. Our students become global citizens and leaders who leave a positive impression on the world.

Key dates

February 9, 2022: Application due   March 9, 2022: Decisions released    April 10, 2022: Priority deadline to enroll

Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a rolling basis, subject to space availability.

Meet your fellow students

At HPA, you’ll make friends from the U.S. and around the world. Meet some of the students who call HPA home.

Once, when I was swimming with a friend off a beach near Kona, we found ourselves surrounded by dolphins, hundreds of dolphins. It was really magical.”

Marieke Renz ’19

Working as a single unit in a canoe, fully united, is a valuable thing to learn. You have to put your ego aside and understand you’re part of something bigger.”

Ford Stallsmith ’20
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We help students find the best personal match for college or university. HPA alumni attend exemplary institutions around the world.

HPA News

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A satellite tag placed by HPA student-faculty research team will shed light on habits of hawksbill turtles

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Keck intern Brianna Ryan ’19 at HPA

Watching the birth of stars

Keck intern Brianna Ryan ’19 is off to MIT

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