As Ka Makani (the wind), we take our name from the distinctive kipu‘upu‘u wind of Waimea, which is renowned in chants and songs for its strength and beauty, as well as sometimes its cold and violent nature. King Kamehameha’s warriors—who helped unite our Hawaiian islands—were also known as Kipu‘upu‘u. The name stands as a way to embody the swift and powerful nature of Waimea’s wind and rain. We are proud to be known as a force of nature, a force still felt in this place where we stand.”

Kumu Ka‘ai Spencer, Upper School strength and conditioning coach and Hawaiian language teacher

All HPA students are required to engage in an afternoon sport or active pursuit of some kind. We offer a wide range of intramural options, including lacrosse, rugby, basketball, tennis, plus opportunities like horseback riding, yoga, and hiking.

If you are a high school athlete looking for competitive, interscholastic play, you will find expert coaching and conditioning on our 22 athletic teams. HPA belongs to the Big Island Interscholastic Federation (24 member schools) and the Hawaii High School Athletic Association (96 member schools). Go Ka Makani!