Canoe Paddling/Girls & Boys

The sport of paddling teaches respect and cooperation that translates into our paddler’s lives at home with family, at school with classmates, and into their future careers and relationships.”

—Mesepa Tanoai, head coach

There’s no sport that can replicate the experience of outrigger canoe paddling. The official state sport of Hawai‘i provides a unique and competitive experience on the water that requires all six athletes in the canoe to be in sync.

The sport allows for student-athletes of all strengths and capabilities to work together. The stronger, powerhouse paddlers will sit between the skilled steersman and the agile stroker. Each of these paddlers add equal yet unique value to the boat. That, in turn, teaches our student-athletes that even though they are all different, they are an integral part of the team.

Girls/Boys canoe paddling team, upper school at HPA
BIIF paddling chapionships.

Head coach Mesepa Tanoai leads the program and has a passion for paddling. “The sport of paddling teaches togetherness and ‘ohana,” he says.

BIIF regattas take place at Kailua Bay and Hilo Bay on weekends, and HPA assembles crews for boys, girls and mixed races. There are also JV and non-scoring races.

Girls/Boys canoe paddling team, upper school at HPA
HPA team at the BIIF paddling championships.

Head coach
Mesepa Tanoai

Recent BIIF championships
Boys: 2020, 2019
Mixed: 2020, 2019