When you leave everything you have on the diamond with your teammates, there’s not much that can tear you apart.”

—Braden Kojima ’17

America’s pastime is taken pretty seriously at HPA, where the game is played on lush green fields that thrive in the Waimea weather. The program is fueled by the incredible drive of the athletes, the versatility and patience of coaches, and the family-like bond between team members.

Baseball is a game of failure. Even hitters that fail 70 percent of the time can be considered great. So the key for HPA student-athletes who pick up a glove and bat is learning how to learn from their mistakes and respond to adversity. There’s also a feeling of inclusivity throughout the roster that has proven to be the catalyst for Ka Makani in the past.

Boys baseball, upper school at HPA
Upper school boys baseball team.

“As a freshman I was nervous about joining the team because I never thought I was that good of a ball player,” Braden Kojima ’17 said. ”But the boys really opened up to me and accepted me.”

While schools on the east side of the Big Island have historically dominated in the sport, HPA broke through for the BIIF title in 2009, the program’s first in nearly three decades. Ka Makani are routinely in the mix in the league playoffs, competing for a title.

Head coach
Kurt Simon

Recent championships
BIIF: 2009

Recent player accolades:
Skyler Roque-Sunahara: All-BIIF honorable mention
Sheldon Aribal: All-BIIF honorable mention