Cheerleading at HPA has allowed me to become more confident in myself and taught me how to smile even when I am having a super bad day. It has also allowed me to learn how to work together and communicate as a team.”

—Hadley Larae Beach ’16

Bright smiles are aplenty when the HPA cheerleaders are on the scene. Our school’s cheer squad sports the Ka Makani red and white with pride and is a key part of HPA sporting events. The cheer team has found success with an abundance of support from parents, the athletic department, and the HPA community. Still in its infancy as a varsity sport at HPA, many come to the team with no prior experience, but put in the work to learn new techniques and routines, always continuing to grow and building a tight-knit bond with each other along the way.

Cheerleading, upper school at HPA
Upper school cheerleading squad.

Being on the squad can also lead to some one of a kind opportunities. In 2018, HPA cheerleaders joined 14 other cheer teams from around the nation to perform in the 40th annual Holiday Bowl halftime show in front of 65,000 fans in San Diego.

“I got chills halfway through our performance because it was such an unbelievable, life-changing experience,” said cheer member Camille Helmuth ’21. “It gave me great pride to represent my state, my school, and myself at such a big event.”

Head coach
Tori Schneider