Water Polo/Girls

It’s just about how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough, you can do it. During our four years, we have seen that over and over with our team.”

—Ala Taylor,  ’19

For students looking to make a splash during their time at HPA, water polo is the sport of choice. Equal parts ferocious and tactical, water polo is a unique experience that is built upon teamwork and discipline in the pool.

While water polo is traditionally an activity that caters to strong swimmers, all are welcomed to take a dip into the sport at the solar-heated Dowsett Pool.

Girls water polo, upper school at HPA
Upper School girls water polo team.

“Though the game is fun and exciting, there is a lot of physicality,” says coach Greg McKenna. “But you can’t just be strong, you’ve got to be smart, too. ”

Head coach
Greg McKenna

Recent championships
BIIF: 2017

Recent player accolades:
Chloe Hughes, First Team All-BIIF
Nora Healy, All-BIIF honorable mention
Gabby Pike, All-BIIF honorable mention