Wrestling/Girls & Boys

This environment creates a unique bond amongst teammates, in that you have to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. There are few secrets between wrestlers.”

—Hamilton Ford ’05, head coach

The wrestling ‘ohana is unlike any other at HPA. The team bonds through intense practices, grueling training, and the collective drive to be great.

Head coach Hamilton Ford ’05, who was a standout wrestler himself for Ka Makani, leads the program. He understands better than most the value of the sport to student-athletes who are willing to put in the time on the mats.

“Any student, either returning to or new to HPA, who is looking for a rigorous physical challenge, with a strong support group of people who will be both your greatest enemies and your strongest allies, should definitely consider coming out for wrestling.”

There’s an interesting piece of school history tied to the wrestling team. In 1987, Ka Makani were putting up a mural in the wrestling room, until the coach of that era asked the painter to stop before he finished, saying the work shouldn’t be completed until HPA won a title. In 2015, Ka Makani were finally able to put the finishing touches on a masterpiece season, winning the BIIF title and getting the blessing of the former head coach for the mural to be finished.

Head coach
Hamilton Ford ’05

Recent championships
Girls: 2015