Afternoon Co-curriculars

Your brain isn’t the only muscle that needs exercise.

At HPA, afternoons are about getting active—physically or creatively. It’s all part of our commitment to living a healthier, happier lifestyle. Finding a good balance between academics and other interests will make you stronger and more resilient for college, plus everything that comes next in life.

Our afternoon co-curricular program runs from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. each school day. The program is divided into trimesters of 10 to 12 weeks each; you can pick a new activity each trimester. For at least two of the three trimesters, all students are required to participate in a competitive sport or active recreation. Once per year, you can opt for an alternative pursuit such as robotics or drama or community service.


Fall Trimester

Fall Athletic Teams: Cheerleadinggirls cross countryboys cross countryfootballgirls volleyball

Intramural: basketball, equestrian, recreational tennis, soccer conditioning, swimming and diving

Alternative: art option, conditioning, CrossFit, dance, drama, hiking, sustainable gardening, weight conditioning, yoga

Winter Trimester

Winter Athletic Teams: Girls basketballboys basketballcanoe paddlingcheerleadinggirls soccerboys soccerswimming and divingwrestling

Intramural: equestrian, lacrosse conditioning, tennis conditioning, track and field conditioning

Alternative: art option, drama, sustainable gardening, weight conditioning

Spring Trimester

Spring Athletic Teams: Baseballgolfsoftballtennistrack and fieldboys volleyballgirls water polo

Intramural: equestrian, lacrosse, rugby

Alternative: art option, CrossFit, dance, drama, scuba, sustainable gardening, weight conditioning, yoga