Mr. Bleckel’s class completely changed my outlook on math and science; it sparked in me a fascination … showing me how seemingly abstract mathematical concepts could be applied to the world around me. More importantly, he helped me to realize that I could excel.”

—Zoe McGinnis ’18; now an undergraduate at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Imagine yourself conquering the challenges of algebra, statistics, polygon properties, or (the really fun stuff) exponential functions! No matter where you are on your mathematics journey, our teachers will guide you toward greater mastery, problem-solving, and comfort with mathematical modes of thinking.

Our math department helps students simultaneously acquire specific competencies and sharpen their general analytical reasoning skills. We believe that mathematics is worthy of study both because of its direct applications and because it provides important tools for college-level work and professional life. Indeed, the skills you gain in HPA math classrooms will likely be put to work immediately on classroom projects and even your capstone coursework.

A typical course sequence covers Algebra I; Geometry; Algebra II/Trigonometry, with the option of continuing for Precalculus and/or Calculus. Our honors sequence covers Geometry Honors; Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors; Precalculus Honors; Calculus AB or BC. Advanced students can continue beyond the APs with Multivariable Calculus. We promote intentional uses of technology coupled with an understanding of the mathematics underlying the tool. Skills in mental arithmetic and approximation, for example, prevent a calculator from becoming an oracle.

As the learning of mathematics often happens at its own pace, we work closely with students both inside and outside of class hours. Our doors are open early, and our classrooms are often full during study periods.

Multivariable Calculus at HPA

Featured Course

Multivariable Calculus

This second-year calculus course is run as a seminar and involves a number of self-directed projects.