Through our capstone program, HPA is breaking down the walls between school and the real world. We empower students to follow their interests and passions—and to make a positive impact on their communities in the process.”

—Aaron Schorn, K-12 capstone coordinator

Upper School capstone courses give you freedom to define a passion project; gain feedback from peers, teachers, and experts; and ultimately bring your work into the community to gauge its effectiveness and impact. The full capstone experience at HPA begins in Lower School, but is accessible to all students regardless of their entrance year. Where will your curiosity take you?

Capstone offerings for 2019-20

Agriculture and Design
Share the gifts of the land (food, medicine, art) with HPA and the larger community. We begin with traditional and modern uses of plants that grow in Hawai‘i and move on to topics such as industrial agriculture, small-scale diversified farms, and business branding. Students will design, create, and market their own garden product.

Art, Culture, and Community
Learn to think critically about how art reflects or creates our sense of identity, culture, and community. Each student will propose an independent creative exploration that culminates in a mixed-media installation.

Gain a comprehensive introduction to the scientific concepts and laboratory research techniques currently used in the field, particularly as related to DNA and proteins. Accurate completion may offer the exciting possibility for publication into the Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD), a global genetic database.

Confronting Climate Change in Hawai‘i
Explore the scientific facts of climate change and its impacts (environmental, social, and economic), and address solutions, particularly place-based solutions for Hawai‘i Island.

Develop skills in networking, operating systems, computer architecture, and augmented and virtual reality, leading to case studies and student-led projects on penetration testing and internet security.

Food for Thought
Explore the connections between food practices, culture, philosophy, and behavior with an emphasis on Hawai‘i. Essential questions of the course include: If you are what you eat, what are you? And How do food choices affect our health and the environment?

Migrations of Moananuiākea (Oceania): Traditional Navigation and Modern-Day Voyaging in Hawai‘i
Discover the ancient migrations of Moananuiākea (Oceania), traditional navigation, and modern-day voyaging and canoe sailing in Hawai‘i.

Novel Writing
Focus on creative writing and editing skills needed to complete a novel by the end of the school year in the genre of choice.

Projects & capstone courses at HPA, upper campus, 9-12

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