I’ve always been into technology, and I’ve always been into painting and the visual arts. Those two subjects are usually very far apart from each other. But my independent research project and the Energy Lab resources allowed me the freedom to integrate my ideas and to see them exactly the way I want them.”

—Michael Ho ’15; B.A., fine arts, UCLA; professional mixed-media artist and painter

If you’ve always wanted to explore the arts, HPA has a wealth of experiences for you to try. Everyone takes art classes here, beginning with Foundations in the Arts, a year-long course that introduces freshmen to the faculty, materials, and facilities of HPA’s arts department.

You will choose four topics to explore from among seven offerings: painting/drawing; ceramics/sculpture; woodshop/stagecraft; acting/music; filmmaking/photography; computer coding, and mixed media. Equipped with a strong foundation in design principles, all HPA students then go on to complete three semesters of intermediate or advanced work in whatever discipline they choose.

If you’ve loved the arts for as long as you can remember, you’ll feel immediately at home with our faculty, all of whom are practicing, professional artists in their own right. We’ve got the expertise and facilities to support your long-term ambitions, whatever your favorite form of expression may be. Surrounded by the beauty of Hawai‘i Island, an array of island cultures, and a campus full of 400 friends, you’ll surely find inspiration nearby.

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