Our social studies department will feed your curiosity about nations, cultures, historic moments, and what it means to be human. Courses span a wide range of topics, from economics to U.S. History to Hawaiian mythology. As you move through the core curriculum and into specialized electives, you will gain core skills for university-level analysis, writing, and presentation. These skills include effective note-taking; critical analysis of texts for quality of evidence, bias, and argumentation; persuasive communication, whether written, oral, or through digital media; and the ability to collaborate with peers and adults.

Our goal is to give you the tools for informed civic participation, independence of thought, and responsible global citizenship. With an appreciation of history’s complexity and the ability to participate in civil discourse, you will be better prepared for success and service—with your friends, your community, and eventually out in the world beyond HPA.

Cultural Resource Stewardship and Engagement, upper school at HPA

Featured class

Hoa‘āina: Cultural Resource Stewardship and Engagement

Learn on and in loko iʻa (fishponds), loʻi kalo (wetland taro fields), māla (cultivated fields), nahele (forests), ala hele (trail systems) where traditional practices are sustained.