Modern Language

Here at HPA there are so many different countries represented. That’s a pretty amazing experience. I’m very interested in languages, and I can talk to Ricardo about Italian, I can talk to Kate about Hungarian—and I get to learn all about the cultures they come from.”

—Alicia Chow ’17; now an undergrad at UC Berkeley

Hawai‘i Island and HPA offer you an uncommon and globally-minded community in which to study modern languages. To begin with, we are surrounded by the language and culture of native Hawaiians, as well as the many immigrant cultures that arrived here up to the present day. Within our own school community, you’ll meet international students from around the world. In short, Hawai‘i is the perfect place to experiment with a new language or deepen your fluency with a language you’ve already started. We offer courses in Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Regardless of which language you choose, you’ll find yourself in a dynamic classroom, where assignments go far beyond memorizing vocabulary words. Instead, the experience of studying a new language will come vividly alive. While learning a language, you’ll also be learning art, geography, history, and science. By delving into a different culture, you’ll discover a better understanding of your own, as well. Every spring, we celebrate the languages and cultures within our own ‘ohana through International Day. And the OurWorld Travel Abroad Program gives students the chance to explore even further, in places such as Morocco, Tanzania, Peru, or India.

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HPA offers courses in Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

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