Science & Technology

I started out in a robotics class freshman year, and I learned that I love computer science. I started my independent research with the NASA HI-SEAS habitat and built them a server that simulates the delay they would experience living on Mars. Where else do you get to do something like that?”

—Zen Simone ’16; now an undergrad at Stanford

Are you curious about what makes the world tick? Do you ever wish you could trade a textbook for getting your hands dirty in an engineering lab, or on an eco-friendly, zero-waste farm? Welcome to science and technology at HPA!

We believe the great challenges facing our world today will be solved, at least in part, with keen and compassionate scientific solutions. Our principal goal is to train students to be leader-scientists and scientifically-literate citizens who can help bring about these discoveries. Our curriculum features a multitude of place-based learning options, many of which take place in our award-winning Energy Lab. Our students benefit from local partnerships with organizations like NASA, the W. M. Keck Observatory, and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. HPA is also home to the renowned Sea Turtle Research Program.

Our students tend to begin with biology, followed by either chemistry or physics to gain an essential, formal lab experience. From there, students take a diverse array of electives with numerous avenues for independent study and capstone projects. Above all, we take a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to teaching science and developing technology. This allows avid science and computer science students to explore their passions in depth. At HPA, students with motivation and aptitude can attain the highest level of scientific work in the world available in a high school setting.

AP Environmental Science, Agro-Ecology, Astronomy, Physical Oceanography, Marine Biology, Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Electronics, Robotics


AP Environmental Science
Physical Oceanography
Marine Biology