Growth & Support

At HPA, there are so many people in your corner—the whole community is cheering you on.

Being an ‘ohana (a family) here at HPA really matters to everyone on campus. In Hawai‘i, we take our bonds of family very seriously, and you’ll feel the warmth of this ‘ohana from the first time you visit a class or move into a dorm. Which means, this is a safe place to share your ideas, take a risk, or ask for help. Here are just some of the ways you’ll grow and find support.

Faculty Advisors

Every student has a faculty advisor, who knows their unique strengths, challenges, and life circumstances and who supports them in reaching their full potential. You’ll meet with your advisor one-on-one, and also in an advisory group, with other students who share your advisor. Advisory group is a place to get advice on coursework or study skills; discuss barriers and challenges; and to celebrate your progress and your victories.

Monday Assembly

Morning Assembly gets the school week started from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. in Gates Performing Arts Center (GPAC). Every assembly is different: sometimes you’ll hear a student band perform; sometimes a scene from the upcoming play; or maybe your soccer coach will give a talk. This is a time for our whole Upper School community to reflect on the previous week, and what is coming in the week ahead. Sitting with your friends before the day begins—you take a moment to be mindful and just breathe.

Peer Tutoring Club

This club has over 60 student members who are ready and willing to help. It’s completely free and open to anyone. What’s not to love? Because we could all use a little advice with that geometry homework…

Learning Center

The center is a quiet study space in our Technology Building where any student can seek assistance. Need help planning out your workload? Having trouble with English 9 writing assignments? We’ve got two full-time learning specialists on staff. They’ve helped countless students grow and master the challenges of HPA. They offer a range of services, from testing and referrals to academic coaching that is tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Counseling Center

Two full-time counselors are available throughout the day to the entire student body. You can go to the counseling center at any time; you don’t need a “pass” or permission. Most of the counselors’ appointments are walk-ins and self-referrals. Life at HPA is busy, challenging, and full of ideas that really make you reflect on your life. Sometimes it’s very helpful to have a quiet space to think clearly, reflect, and process struggles in a private, confidential venue.

Citizenship and Character

Based on HPA’s core values, along with other community expectations, HPA’s citizenship system covers things like attendance, punctuality, academic integrity, and how we treat one another within a strong and healthy school culture. In the simplest terms, it’s about honoring our commitments and being kind to ourselves and one another, both in person and online. Our Honor Pledge reads, “I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment/exam.”

Service and Leadership

At HPA, service and leadership go hand- in-hand. Our Upper School student work program develops progressive leadership through all four grades. When we all work together (30 to 60 minutes each week), we build a sense of community. Every year, our school is only as strong as the culture and connections we create together.

9th Grade – Serve
Freshmen begin their career by serving the community and performing custodial tasks, typically in the cafeteria.

10th Grade – Sustain
Sophomores work in the Ulu Mālama terrace farm and with our sustainability program, learning about the importance of this work, and how to manage our resources.

11th Grade – Explore
Juniors begin to spread out into custodial roles, office aides, special departments, or managing their own time more carefully as a teacher’s aide.

12th Grade – Lead
Seniors are the leaders of the school, serving as work program prefects, dorm prefects, Student Council Members, Student Ambassadors, and so on.