Our core values are part of how we “live aloha.” They help HPA fulfill its mission: to provide exceptional learning opportunities in a diverse community honoring the traditions of Hawai‘i. Through our core values, we make HPA a warm, welcoming, purposeful community where you will grow and be accepted for who you are.

HPA’s core values aren’t tucked away in a book somewhere—these are real ideas that guide us as a school. We regularly examine how these values can be brought to life. We make them a topic of conversation—through weekly assemblies, faculty advisory groups, the Upper School residential life curriculum, and other programs.

What do these abstract ideas really look like in the end?

We try to treat each other with kindness. We aim high in schoolwork and activities. We support each other when the big game comes; when the musical opens; when a friend is homesick or has a hard day. We try to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We mālama kaiāulu as we seek more sustainable ways of living. We’re never perfect, and try to make it right when we’ve done wrong. We stop—at least for a moment—to absorb the incredible beauty that surrounds us every day. We give thanks. We give a helping hand. When graduation comes, we take strength and friendship and confidence from this place that is a home away from home.

Integrity: living honestly and with moral courage

Respect: serving with kindness and responsibility

Pursuit of excellence: striving for the highest and best result

Wonder: being curious, appreciative, and content