I really fell in love with literature and writing at HPA, especially in AP Literature during my junior year. I have carried my passion for writing with me to college, where I ended up taking four English courses in my freshman year. I don’t know where my love for writing will take me, but I know I will have a good story to tell. I hope the story will become a great one, like those great books that never finish speaking to us.”

—Jordan Virtue ’16; now an A.B. candidate at Harvard University

In our English classrooms, you’ll find your voice and learn to express ideas with clarity, precision, and power.

Along the way, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, as you explore the human condition through fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and plays. Our skillful and supportive teachers work closely with you, both inside and outside of class hours. The skills you gain in English class will serve you well across the HPA curriculum, particularly as you prepare for the presentation of classroom projects and your 12th grade capstone. Ultimately, we want every student to feel confident, challenged, and prepared, not only for college-level writing, but for a lifetime of effective communication.

By invitation, and based on teacher recommendation and ACT scores, qualified students may opt for our challenging honors program. Students who demonstrate proficiency are encouraged to take an exam in Advanced Placement English during junior and senior year.

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