Finding Balance

We believe in joyful learning and serious play.

From kindergarten through the college counseling process, HPA combines the drive for academic success with well-grounded, balanced living. We believe young people can and should have both, and we’re here to help them develop lifelong physical and emotional wellbeing. Above all, we hope to send our students out into the world with an understanding of what makes them truly happy, and how they can help bring happiness to others through relationships, work, and service.

Lower School

We help young children first to discover and develop a sense of self, and then to see themselves in relationship with family, school, community, and the world. We nurture multi-faceted growth through many avenues, including the arts, physical education, service, and our counseling program, in addition to academics. We incorporate a sense of wonder throughout school life, alongside HPA’s other core values.

Middle School

As students grow older and more independent, we encourage them to think about the world and their lives with more nuance and complexity. Our advisory program provides a regular forum for discussing personal growth and social learning with a trusted teacher and classmates. We continue to promote diverse interests through a wide range of special programs.

Upper School

From mindfulness practices in Monday Assembly to afternoon co-curriculars and weekend activities, you’ll find many ways to gain self-knowledge and have fun at the Upper School. The personal resilience you practice here will make you even stronger and more adaptable for college and later life. Two counselors and two learning specialists are here for emotional and academic support when needed.

Dorm life at HPA, boarding, upper campus, 9-12

Dorm Life

Think deeply. Laugh a lot. And make pumpkin rolls. It’s all part of dorm learning at HPA.