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There’s a lot to it, but the only way to develop as a sports photographer in my eyes is to shoot and keep shooting … the only way to get better at your craft is to do it as much as you possibly can.”

Hiro Ueno ’14
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I want to completely eradicate the idea that people who speak pidgin are somehow not as intelligent as people who speak “standard” varieties of English, or that pidgin is somehow ‘less’ of a language in any way.”

Harmony Graziano ’15
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I try to convey who the subject might be when they aren’t in front of a camera. I want my photos to depict an authentic person and experience. … a narrative that works against past assumptions or that creates a new understanding.”

Nani Welch Keli‘iho‘omalu ’14

Students taking the October 24 SAT

Check-in will take place from 7:30-7:45 am at Rutgers Tennis Center parking lot. Please enter at the first driveway on the right on Kohala Mountain, off of Kawaihae. Students must have been on the Big Island for at least 15 consecutive days prior to testing or they will not be admitted. There are no Covid test exemptions. Any student from an off-island school must bring a copy of their airline ticket showing their date of arrival on the Big Island — no exceptions.

HPA boarders: report directly to the Castle Gym lanai for a touchless temperature check. Proctors will be enforcing social distancing measures.

All other students: A touchless temperature checkpoint will be set up at the entrance to the tennis center parking lot for students arriving by vehicle. Students from outside schools will also be required to fill out a COVID questionnaire.

Anyone with a temperature over 99.9 degrees will not be admitted. Social distancing measures will be enforced. All examinees must have a mask, photo ID, admission ticket, No. 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils), and an approved calculator. It is recommended that students bring a water bottle and snack. (No water fountains available on campus). Please contact Monica Hattoon-Green at with any questions or concerns.