Leadership and Service

Linking discovery and learning to the real needs of the community can be rewarding and transformational for our students. At the core of our service mission is to have students realize new ideals and discard preconceptions through their service activities, inspiring them to reach beyond their personal needs and consider helping others and improving the world around them.

Reflective scholarship leads our students to discover that their community contributions offer them invaluable content knowledge and skills in preparation to be active, philanthropic and engaged citizens.

Student Government

By Eliana Kaplan '15

Every academic institution has a student government contingency. They strive to represent the student body, to plan dances, to organize activities. At HPA, we, too, have such a group of students dedicated to the betterment of our community, and we endeavor to go above and beyond the standard responsibilities of a student council group. As elected officials of the class and student populations, the representatives of our student council make it their personal mission to exemplify and reinforce the foundational qualities of HPA. The group takes on all the customary traditions of a student government committee as well as tackling such initiatives as organizing faculty appreciation days, facilitating the annual Olympic Ceremonies, attending and participating in cultural and community-based festivities, and instituting policies to turn students’ ideas into realities. Essentially, we take the idealisms of the student population and the school, communicate with all parties within our institution, and make HPA life more reflective of the student body’s desires.

As a representative of Student Council since my freshman year, I have become entirely accustomed to the processes of our small-scale government, as I made my way from Class Representative to Student Body President. People often ask me my reasons for continuing to run for Student Council. Though the leadership positions look good on college applications and the title adds a sense of legitimacy to a high school career, I have continued to participate for the less tangible reasons. I often regard running for student government as the best decision of my life thus far because Student Council has gifted me with so much more than I could ever hope to return to it. Through representation of different bodies of people, I have refined my abilities to collaborate, to sympathize, to compromise, and to work tirelessly toward a common goal. Student Council has granted me a world of opportunities, and it is my hope that I have managed to have even a fraction of the impact on this HPA community as Student Council has had on me.