Sustainability Metrics

We measure our progress by tracking metrics within our six-core goals within our Mālama Kaiāulu framework

We will evaluate and realign our goals, metrics, and strategies every five years. Today, we are actively collecting baseline data for each of our metrics and will share as much as we can here.

Four essential practices: How We’ll Carry Out Mālama Kaiāulu

To mālama kaiāulu, our work must be grounded in and reflect four essential practices that are inextricably linked. Each of these practices leads us to actions or habits of mind that will help achieve our full vision for regenerative sustainability.

HA‘INA | Share our story

How we share our story. We ask, how do we carry our learning, models, and progress into the larger world? We hold ourselves accountable in meeting our vision. We share, listen, learn, and grow with our kaiāulu.

KULEANA | Responsibility

A responsibility that is also a privilege. We ask, What is our individual and collective responsibility for mālama kaiāulu? We establish clear systems and assign necessary roles to achieve our vision.

LŌKAHI | Bring harmony

The regenerative harmony and peace we are striving to achieve. We ask, What actions do we need to take in order to bring harmony to our kaiāulu? We build and measure more sustainable and regenerative systems.

PILINA | Connectedness

The vital, symbiotic relationship among all things. We need to understand the system before taking action to enhance the system. We ask, What are the ideas, people, histories, and natural elements involved? We ensure the plan honors this connectedness.

Six Core Goals: Where and How We’ll Measure Progress

As we mālama kaiāulu, HPA will focus on six core goals that transform our teaching and learning, school operations, and community impact. We will evaluate and realign our goals, metrics, and strategies every five years.

Curriculum & Programs

Embed mālama kaiāulu into HPA’s curriculum and program structure to graduate visionary systems-thinkers and environmental change-agents.

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Manage the resources used by HPA so efficiently that we reduce our environmental impact and help promote regenerative systems on Hawai‘i Island and beyond.

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Promote human and environmental health, recognizing the two are dependent upon each other, to ensure that HPA students and staff are well, happy, and thriving.

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Enhance our campus buildings and grounds to honor the land and provide innovative teaching tools that model sustainability innovation.

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Deepen our community connections on Hawai‘i Island and maximize sustainable progress beyond HPA by sharing our work and resources.

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Optimize our leadership and organizational culture at HPA in order to sustain our commitments.

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