Diving for gold

HPA senior Jon Kuyper ‘21 takes home the title at unofficial state championship

Jon Kuyper ‘21

Jon Kuyper’s career of hard work on the diving board led to a golden finish, with the Ka Makani senior taking home the title at an unofficial state championship meet held in March.

As a four-year diver, Jon improved every season, refining his craft and always challenging himself to reach new heights. He participated in four state championships, going from not making the finals as a freshman, to atop the podium as a senior.

“I just liked doing flips on my trampoline — that’s what got me into diving. It’s just a lot of fun and something I hope I can do in the future,” Kuyper said. “I’m lucky to have a sport where you don’t have to be close to people. I’m really happy that for my senior year, I had competition.”

While there was not a sanctioned state championship this year due to COVID-19, divers from around Hawaii came together for the meet virtually. The participants qualified with dives that met a standard for difficulty. Those dives were recorded, curated, and then judged by coaches around the state virtually. It wasn’t conventional by any means, but it was a creative solution to give seniors, like Kuyper, a final chance to take a dive — and a bow. There were 13 girls and 12 boys diving. Seventeen represented Honolulu schools, five represented Maui, and three represented Hawai’i Island.

“Congrats to Jon on a career of discipline, hard work, steady improvement and excellent sportsmanship,” diving coach Patricia Kassis said. “He set a great example by putting in the daily work on his dives — and also uncovering the pool and moving lane lines. Jon showed the younger divers how to gracefully tackle scary new dives.”


Boys Prelims
Jon Kuyper HPA 183.40
Michael Hicks IOL 165.45
Mason Carvalho KSK 164.90
Aaron Kwok IOL 164.30
Andrew Agustin PUN 162.95
Kaimana Deguzman-Maya MHS 157,35
Max Nagel PUN 148.80
Logan Mansfield PUN 146.40
Kai Kennedy IOL 135.80
Luke Berrigan KK 127.95
Evan Pan IOL 119.50
Kyle Weyrick HPA 110.55

Boys Semifinals
Jon Kuyper HPA 276.40
Michael Hicks IOL 261.10
Mason Carvalho KSK 260.75
Aaron Kwok IOL 252.90
Andrew Agustin PUN 249.75
Kaimana Deguzman-Maya MHS 248.80
Logan Mansfield PUN 237.45
Max Nagel PUN 222.80
Luke Berrigan KK 205.00
Evan Pan IOL 194.50
Kyle Weyrick HPA 189.80
Kai Kennedy IOL 167.30

Boys Finals
Jon Kuyper HPA 409.30
Andrew Agustin PUN 372.85
Aaron Kwok IOL 370.35
Michael Hicks IOL 360.85
Kaimana Deguzman-Maya MHS 356.25
Mason Carvalho KSK 355.95
Logan Mansfield PUN 340.20
Max Nagel PUN 288.65