What Dreams May Come

English Department hosts annual Shakespeare Monologue Competition

HPA students Grace Bostock, Teagan Keenan, Roisin Darby, Maya Fuehrich, and Mina Alessio participated in the Shakespeare Monologue Competition

On Jan. 28, a spellbound audience at Gates Performing Art Center listened to Desdamona appeal to her father’s mercy, Macbeth revel in his bloody plot, Mercutio praise the pleasures of Queen Mab, and Hamlet reflect on life’s injustices.

This community experience of Shakespeare has been a long-standing tradition at HPA, and this year, five talented students performed their choice of monologue: Grace Bostock ‘21, Roisin Darby ‘22, Teagan Keenan ‘22, Maya Feuhrich ‘22, and Mina Alessio ‘23. In addition to English faculty, judges included Patrick Phillips, Head of School and Dr. Amy Cole, Director of Studies.

While selecting a winner from the talented group was no easy task, in the end, Bostock’s rendition of Macbeth was named the winner. Although there was a single winner, learning a short piece of Shakespeare was an all-school experience, as every student selected and performed a monologue in their English classes in the fall semester. A number of those students went on to perform at a Lava Lounge in December. The informal coffee-house setting was a great way to test their mettle and see if they were up to performing in front of the entire school.

The Shakespeare Monologue Competition is not merely a school event but a national one, with local winners in Hawai’i going on to compete at the state level in Honolulu.