Each year over spring break, HPA Upper School students have the option to  travel to compelling destinations where they explore, study, and serve through the OurWorld Travel Abroad Program. Through these trips, you will learn about life in another culture, exercise your language skills, and participate in community projects. As with our on-campus programs, we strive to express HPA’s core values through OurWorld travel. We believe that travel is a multi-layered experience, a time to reflect on questions such as:

— What does it mean to be a global citizen?
— How do my choices and ideas affect other people and places?
— How do my ideas about others-and theirs about me-affect our interactions?
— What are the current global issues of today and what is my part in contributing to the betterment of the world?

Trips are organized through Rustic Pathways and chaperoned by HPA faculty. Past destinations have included Australia, China, Costa Rica, India, Japan, New Zealand, Oahu, Peru, Tanzania, and Washington D.C.

OurWorld highlights from 2019


Our group assisted researchers with giant pandas at the Panda Conservation Center in Dujiangyan. We learned about observation, feeding, habitat care, and conservation efforts. The trip also included some of China’s most famous sites, such as Xi’an Mosque, the Forbidden City, and The Great Wall, along with Sichuan-style opera, tai chi lessons, dumpling-making, market shopping, and more!


We explored critical social issues facing Cuba, as well as actionable solutions during design thinking workshops. Other highlights included a trip to Banao to learn about sustainable tourism and conservation; a mangrove restoration service project; examination of a biosphere project in Las Terrazas; and the fascinating city of Havana.


Our group assisted with a community garden project and tutored local school children in the amazing Atlas Mountains. Other trip highlights included a boat trip on beautiful Bin El Ouidane lake, exploration of the red city of Marrakech, a calligraphy class, a visit to Casablanca and the Hassan II Mosque, and learning basic Arabic.

OurWorld video by Reyn Kaneshiro ’18

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