We’re looking to empower the next generation of environmental problem-solvers. Here in Hawai‘i, you’ll discover the perfect laboratory for sustainable, regenerative ways of living. You’ll join a community committed to cohesive action on the most complex and urgent issue of our times.

Across our K-12 program, we focus on mālama kaiāulu (care for our community of spirit, land, and people). This broad perspective of interconnection and responsibility trains our students to be integrated thinkers who see the connections that contribute both to the problem and its solutions.


It was fantastic to take what I learned in the physics classroom about ambient noise and CO2, and turn that into environmental studies, then present it to the HPA board, and have the board renovate buildings to actually help other people!”

—Alice Patig ’16

Lower School

Through science, social studies, art, the Ulumau garden, and many other school activities, we help young children understand and appreciate our life-giving island and the natural world beyond. Through Hawaiian studies, in particular, our students take pride in Hawai‘i’s legacy of stewardship and our ongoing kuleana to this place.

Middle School

With growing independence, students feed their sustainability interests through a variety of enrichment options, including computer science, marine science, the Sea Turtle Research Program, Ulumau garden, and, of course, their classroom projects and capstone work. Theme Week always includes at least one exploration (if not many) of environmental issues and practices across Hawai‘i Island.

Upper School

A wealth of coursework woven throughout our six academic departments will help you grow as an advocate and problem-solver. Through classes like Agroecology, Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Human Geography, History as Mixed Media, Food and Literature, and Hoaʻāina: Cultural Resource Stewardship & Engagement (just to name a few!), you will look at environmental challenges and possibilities through a multifaceted lens.

Projects & Capstones at HPA

Projects and Capstones

Experiment with hydroponics. Make a film about coral bleaching. Our focus on independent study lets you follow your environmental passion.

Living laboratory

Hawai‘i serves as a microcosm for many environmental challenges, including food and water security, ocean warming, and energy generation. Here, space and resource limitations are not just academic questions, but real and ever-present challenges to which entrepreneurs, cultural practitioners, and community leaders must respond.

Modern extinction

Due to its remote location, unique ecosystems, and the pressure of human development, Hawai’i is sometimes called the “endangered species capital of the world.” Consequently, Hawai’i is a prime laboratory for the study of extinction, wildlife restoration, and sustainable practices that will one day hopefully allow all living things to flourish—on Hawai’i Island and elsewhere.

Empowering you

Over the next 50 years, HPA will send nearly 6,000 graduates into the world. Through the HPA Sustainability Plan, we will ensure that every one of them is equipped to become a sustainability influencer—no matter what profession or walk of life they choose.