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Outdoor Program

HPA's Outdoor Program has a history as long as the school is old. Setting foot on campus, one feels the tug of the outdoors. Outdoors, HPA's values come to life, students are empowered to take responsibility for themselves, one another, and the land. Our Outdoor Program is one of the primary ways we fulfill our commitment to graduating empowered and resilient young leaders.

Embracing Wonder

Outdoor Adventure


Backpacking, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle, Service, Kayaking, and Hiking trips are offered throughout the school year.


Aloha 'aina means to love and respect the land, to take responsibility and claim stewardship for it. Many of our trips combine outdoor adventure with a service component from backpacking to fishpond restorations to camping beneath waterfalls and restoring ancient lo'i.


Each year a group of students makes a trip to another Island. We travel to a new Island each year so that across a four year academic career at HPA a student has the opportunity to create connection with at least five of the eight major Hawaiian Islands.

Summer Trips

We offer longer trips in the summer months. Stay tuned for Summer 2018 dates and destinations.

Leadership Training

Wilderness Medicine Training


This 10 day certification course is the industry standard and good responsible knowledge if you work or play in remote areas where access to medical care could be delayed and communication with the outside world can be unreliable. The curriculum is based on the most common medical emergencies that prevention, early recognition, and treatment have the greatest impact on the outcome of. This is a hands on experiential course that will leave you feeling prepared with the skills to plan, lead, and manage medical emergencies in the backcountry. This course runs from 8am-5pm each day with two evening sessions and is taught by NOLS Wilderness Medicine, the industry leader in Wilderness Medical Training. Learn more about the course HERE. To register or learn more, contact Outdoor Program Director Renee Jenkinson at


The Outdoor Program offers a ten week leadership seminar after school during the Spring sports season. This course will prepare a student to lead future trips whether for HPA, their college outdoor program, with their family, or for a future employer. This seminar includes a Wilderness First Aid certification from NOLS Wilderness Medicine. Students must be 16 to participate.


A Classroom Without Walls

Program Goals

To build community and connection to Hawai'i while teaching and fostering:

  • Personal empowerment
  • Risk management
  • Resilience
  • Leadership skills

Meet the Director

Renee Jenkinson brings a deep love and connection to Hawaii and many years of experience teaching and guiding youth and adults in indoor and outdoor classrooms. Renee grew up in Hawai'i, Oregon, and California and loves ocean adventures, learning about people, drawing, storytelling, and talking story under the stars.

Renee has worked managing school outdoor programming in Portland, Oregon, has worked as a lead instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) since 2004, and is the founder and director of Pacific Wilds; where she teaches wilderness medicine, offers summer camps for teen girls, and supports environmentally and culturally responsible outdoor recreation.
Renee is a National Registry EMT, Wilderness EMT, trained swift water rescuer, AMGA single pitch instructor, and challenge course facilitator.

Contact Renee at:

Join Us


Trips are announced and trip sign-ups happen twice a year: once in the Fall and once in the Winter. After sign ups, joining a trip happens on a rolling basis if there is space.

Signing up for a trip is a commitment to the group and students become part of a team. The group works together to make decisions, support one another, determine the trip's goals and to achieve them.


  • Place based student leadership curriculum
  • Students are the point person for pre-trip communications with their families
  • The Outdoor Program can lend students any gear they need
  • Students attend a pre-trip meeting before the trip to go over the itinerary, gear, and establish group goals.
  • Digital break - Students don't have their phones or computers on the trip.


Outdoor Program trips are open to all students. The Outdoor Program offers a variety of trips to cater to different student interests, abilities, and expertise. The Program provides gear as needed. Rosters are built around a balance of providing student leadership opportunities as well as making sure interested students are given the opportunity to get outside as much as possible.

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