HPA’s greatest asset in terms of our consistent college admissions success is the reputation our students have earned for their noteworthy achievements, global perspective, and strong character. Our learning community is recognized at the collegiate level as being a wellspring of talent, creativity, and diversity.

Consequently, our overarching advice to students is to explore and participate in the exceptional learning opportunities offered here at HPA. Follow your curiosity and develop your individual passions. Challenge yourself as much as possible. When the application process finally arrives, you will be better able to define your college match and to tell them your own, singular story.

Ultimately, the HPA college process focuses on much more than helping students get into college; we help students develop the personal insights and skills necessary to make important life decisions and establish meaningful goals.

Close, skillful guidance

We combine our student-centered philosophy with high access to our college counselors. The College Counseling Center is open every period of the school day. Students can call, text, or visit the counselors whenever they needed anything, including on evenings or weekends.

While the process requires independence and self-motivation, each student has an experienced counselor assigned to mentor them and to make certain that key items are properly addressed:

  • The counselors have the opportunity to listen to a student and truly understand his or her college goals.
  • Each student’s college list matches his or her stated criteria.
  • The family is included in the discussion.
  • Specific programs, testing requirements, and application calendars are understood and followed.
  • The application and essays present the student’s story in an authentic and favorable manner.

With this level of respect and care, our students learn to take responsibility for their own efforts, trust their own judgment, and chart their own success in life.

A four-year experience

We believe that each student has a compelling story that will gain the attention of top schools. Authentic expression of that story is an essential part of the application process. To achieve this objective, we have established a four-year program that supports each student on an individual path as they move from the early days of high school through to the end of senior year.

The focus throughout this journey remains on the student: What learning environments will best suit your personality and skills? Which constellation of programs and institutions will advance your goals? Will you or your future school be flexible enough if those qualities and interests were to change in the coming years?

Freshmen and Sophomores engage in introductory activities designed to help them maximize their opportunities at HPA and begin the process of setting ambitious and realistic goals for their college futures.

Juniors increase their level of engagement through workshops to prepare for the senior year; individual meetings with their college counselors; test preparation; and specialized college counseling presentations.

Seniors focus on essay writing and college major and career exploration; continue with individual meetings and workshops to complete their applications; select their school; find funding for their education, and make a successful transition to post-secondary school life.