In simplest terms, the financial aid application process requires two main steps.

Step 1: Establish your family’s financial need by completing the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). There is a fee for this service, and it is run through an organization called School and Student Services (SSS). The PFS allows families to apply to multiple independent schools for financial aid and ensures an objective need analysis. When complete, the information is delivered to HPA. To receive priority consideration, this step must be completed by our deadline. Please note the earlier deadline for our returning families: November 1, 2021. New families must submit the PFS and taxes by January 15, 2022. After January 15, 2022, financial aid applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Step 2: The HPA financial aid committee will review your PFS and all supporting tax documentation in order to make financial awards. If you complete Step 1 by the priority deadline, you will receive grant information at the time of your admission decision.

We sincerely encourage you to apply for financial aid. Only by applying can you know for sure what is possible. Financial aid applications received after the priority deadline will be considered on a rolling basis. Rolling financial aid decisions will begin in April and continue through the summer, as funding is available.

How to Apply for Aid at HPA

SSS Tax Primer for 2020

HPA financial aid walkthrough

Key dates for priority consideration

October 1, 2021
Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) becomes available

November 1, 2021
Deadline for returning families to submit the PFS and 2020 tax returns

January 15, 2022
Deadlines for new families to submit the PFS and 2020 tax returns

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A large part of the success of this process depends on you as a parent. Please complete the application accurately, follow the instructions for submitting information, and submit all information by the priority deadline, which has been extended to January 15, 2022. After January 15, 2022, financial aid applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

We understand that applying for financial aid is a complex process. We strive to keep the process as simple and straightforward for families who apply. We fully appreciate that the process requires you to share information that would typically remain private, and all information is held in the strictest confidence.

More information is available through School and Student Services (SSS).

HPA Financial Aid FAQ

  • How does School and Student Services (SSS) calculate my family’s “contribution” or ability to pay?

    The calculation of your family’s ability to contribute toward tuition considers your income, what you own (your house and other investments), what you owe (your mortgage and other debts), the size of your family and how many family members are enrolled in tuition-charging schools or colleges.

    After making allowances for basic necessities, taxes and certain other expenses, as well as taking into account the cost of living in our area, SSS estimates what portion of your remaining funds are available to pay school costs. (Note: eligibility for financial aid does not guarantee that HPA has enough financial aid available for your family.) SSS then provides the results of the analysis to HPA as a recommendation of your ability to pay. The final award determination always comes from HPA based on our school policies, practices and available budget — not from SSS.

  • Who can I contact for help filling out my financial aid application, the parents’ financial statement (PFS)?

    If you have questions as you complete your PFS or submit documents in the SSS Family Portal, please contact the SSS Family Support Center. Assistance is available in English as well as Spanish at 800-344-8328. Click here for contact information.

    Additionally, online resources, including free Parent Webinars and general information are available online through our partnership with SSS. Click here to learn more.

  • Our family has children in multiple tuition-charging schools; how does HPA account for these expenses?

    When determining a family’s estimated contribution, SSS takes into consideration the total number of children in tuition-charging schools, including other college, parochial, and independent school programs. These expenses may be more or less than an HPA tuition, and therefore the financial aid committee will determine the appropriate percentage of the family’s overall estimated contribution to be allocated to HPA. HPA cannot subsidize tuition associated with other schools where financial aid is unavailable, and reserves the right to adjust awards based on any changes to the number of children in tuition-charging schools.

  • Can my family receive a waiver so we don’t have to pay for the parents’ financial statement processing fee?

    Upon submission of a family’s financial aid application, the SSS process automatically evaluates eligibility and applies fee waivers for families who qualify. Family size, income, and asset information from the Parents’ Financial Statement is used to assess each family situation. Families do not need to request or apply for a fee waiver from the school.

  • Will my child continue to receive aid from year to year, including aid to cover tuition increases?

    HPA renews grants based on a family’s demonstrated financial need. Therefore families must update, annually, a report of their income, assets, and debts via the Parents’ Financial Statement.

    HPA remains committed to partnering with families to finance an independent school education but recognizes that a family’s ability to contribute toward tuition may increase or decrease depending on their annual reporting. With no change in financial profile, a family can expect their parent contribution toward tuition to increase slightly each year, typically equal to the percentage increase in tuition.

  • If my child enrolls without receiving a financial aid package, can we expect to receive aid in future years?

    Generally not. Families who enrolled with no financial aid must contribute the full tuition, unless a sibling will be joining HPA. HPA recognizes that there are unfortunate events that change a family’s ability to contribute to tuition, and HPA will work with families to formulate a plan for financing. If your child does not receive a financial aid award and your family cannot afford to finance full tuition for the remaining years, we strongly recommend that your child does not enroll.

  • How does HPA ensure confidentiality throughout the financial aid process?

    Protecting the confidentiality of personal data is one of the most important tasks for our financial aid office. All financial data and subsequent proceedings with HPA are strictly confidential; only members of the financial aid committee have access to a family’s information. HPA faculty are not privileged to any financial information regarding students.

    Families can take steps to ensure confidentiality. Your family should use school-established channels for submitting an application, as well as disputing or appealing a financial aid decision. Additionally, your family should respect confidentiality by not disclosing financial aid outcomes to any other community members.

  • Does HPA offer a sibling discount?

    No. Families who believe in the benefit of having multiple children with us are encouraged to file an application for financial aid.

  • Divorced, single, or never married parents: what does HPA expect?

    HPA believes that both parents are responsible for the education of a child. Any legal arrangements or commitments to the contrary are the responsibility of the parents to negotiate between themselves. HPA will consider the income and assets of both natural parents, even if only one parent is in favor of a student’s attendance at HPA. If natural parents have remarried, we will also consider the assets of the stepparent, always bearing in mind the primary obligations of that stepparent to his or her own children.

  • Does HPA expect both parents to be employed to file an application for financial aid?

    Recognizing that the family bears the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education costs, the financial aid committee will impute a part-time salary for a non-working parent when there are no pre-school age children or others to care for in the home, and/or no medical or disability issues that prevent the parent from seeking employment.

  • May I apply for financial aid after my child has been offered admission?

    Generally, no. HPA calculates its financial aid grants and budget in conjunction with offers of admission. Both applications should be filed concurrently.

  • How is self-employment evaluated in the financial aid process?

    All self-employed parents filing for financial aid must submit business tax returns. HPA reserves the right to request full business filings semi-annually.

  • Can I appeal the financial aid grant I received?

    Families may request reconsideration by the financial aid committee upon receipt of a financial aid decision. The only condition under which an appeal may be filed is if there is new information available for consideration that wasn’t previously known. If there is no new information to be submitted, an appeal will not be considered. A letter to the financial aid committee explaining the request for additional aid and additional documentation of unusual circumstances are required to process appeals.

  • How do I determine if I qualify for a domestic or international tuition?

    To qualify for the domestic tuition, at least one parent and the student must have a U.S. passport or permanent residency.

  • Can international families apply for financial aid?

    International students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Additional documentation may be required by the financial aid committee to verify a family’s ability to contribute toward the cost of education. Click here for the international financial aid application.

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