Since 1949, thousands of Ka Makani have received financial assistance in making an HPA education possible. Yet our future ability to provide aid depends upon expanded philanthropic support from our community. Through the Wai‘aka Initiative, we commit to the children of Hawai‘i and those beyond who need HPA. We acknowledge the indispensable nature of our financial aid program—as vital as Wai‘aka stream that feeds our campus and hills.”

—Zaheva Knowles, director of alumni and parent giving

The present challenge

For schools like HPA, the need for financial aid continues to grow dramatically. Applicants who are able to afford the full cost of private school tuition are coming from a smaller and smaller segment of the population. A strong financial aid program is now an enrollment necessity for all independent schools and will play an indispensable role in how HPA thrives for the future.

Because the HPA endowment is relatively modest, HPA lacks a secure funding source for financial aid. At the present time, HPA is only able to assist a limited number of families, and we are only able to meet up to 60 percent of a family’s demonstrated need. This places a daunting burden on families and inhibits our ability to enroll promising students.

Furthermore, because HPA lacks a secure funding source, financial aid must be primarily funded from the operating budget each year. This makes it difficult to maintain a predictable flow of support to our families, and it also impacts HPA’s ability to advance other important programs. When you make a financial aid gift, you not only assist a deserving student toward their HPA education, you also help free budget resources for priorities like curricular innovation, faculty development, sustainability programs, campus upkeep, and many other attributes of a vibrant HPA.

How we envision the future

We envision a permanent, fully-endowed financial aid program that will increase the percentage of need currently met, and that will eventually increase the overall number of families we assist. We are proud of our 70-year history of helping students through financial aid, and especially proud of all our graduates as they lead and serve in professions and communities both in Hawai‘i and across the globe. We believe a diverse community that truly reflects the world around us is essential to our students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and moral growth. We recognize that financial aid is key to preserving and advancing that treasured aspect of our HPA ‘ohana as we confront today’s economic challenges. Inspired by our students and our generous ‘ohana, HPA seeks to expand financial aid, not scale back.

To fully achieve this goal requires long-term planning and philanthropic support. As a starting point, we have launched the Wai‘aka Initiative, a three-year fundraising effort to achieve $7.5 million for financial aid. This will be a multifaceted campaign, encompassing the HPA Fund, current-use investment, and endowment fundraising. When complete, the Wai‘aka Initiative will begin to lessen the burden on our families and will make HPA a viable possibility for more students we would like to admit.

How can you help?

  • Become a regular HPA Fund donor, and consider directing your gift to financial aid. All gifts have impact, regardless of size. When we band together, there is true strength in our numbers.
  • Consider joining the HPA Fund Financial Aid leadership circle. Donors to our leadership circle help achieve immediate and significant progress toward HPA’s highest priorities by making a gift of $25,000 or more to the HPA Fund. Because these gifts are put to use immediately, they help HPA move quickly forward while we focus on the longer-term goal of building endowment. You can direct your leadership gift to financial aid and thereby make a profound impact on our students right away.
  • Establish a permanent endowment fund for financial aid. You can create a fund that will consistently generate resources today and far into the future. Through your fund, you leave a legacy for future Ka Makani and, if you choose, you can honor someone in your family, a teacher, or another individual who is meaningful to you. Endowed fund levels start at $25,000 and rise to $250,000 or more, depending on the impact you would like to make for HPA students.

To get involved or learn more about the structure and opportunities of the Wai‘aka Initiative, contact Hannah Hind Candelario ’01, director of advancement, at or 808-881-4075.