Carter Hall emanates girl power. In the words of former dorm head Sarah Schorn ’98, “Girl power means harnessing the unique, latent strength that is found in all women. It also means women and girls coming together to lift each other up.” The girls in Carter Hall agree. They represent multiple Hawaiian islands, numerous U.S. states, and many nations, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Carter residential faculty are always available to any of the girls for support and guidance. These families and the eight prefects keep Carter running smoothly and the girls engaged. They plan exciting hall events like ice cream sundae parties, pizza nights, and beach trips. They also host the annual Galentine’s Day open dorm event with fun treats and messages of girl power for all boarders. At present, Carter Hall is the keeper of the Jug of Awesomeness, having won the Dorm Wars competition for three years running. The Carter Hall girls can be found hanging out in friends’ rooms, underneath the tree outside the dorm, talking story, or having movie marathons in the shared common room. They are active all over campus and have created bonds that will last a lifetime.

Dorm Head

Ms. Sara Toga Collings, known as Ms. Toga, arrived at HPA in 2014, and she is the Upper School learning specialist. Our girls know Ms. Toga to be caring and supportive, and always willing to help students with academic challenges. She leads a team of three other residential faculty who reside in Carter, plus a number of affiliated faculty who live nearby on campus. Together they create a homey atmosphere and provide adult supervision on each of the dorm’s four hallways.