Walk into Perry-Fiske Hall, and you will find boys from all over the world studying, playing a rowdy game of ping-pong in the commons, or just hanging out having a blast. At the start of the year, most boys are strangers, but the culture of the dorm is inclusive and open so that everyone feels welcomed from the first day. Within a few short weeks, deep friendships that will last a lifetime have been forged. Perry-Fiske Hall is known for great barbecues, a yearly Super Bowl Sunday party, and movie marathons. They can be found helping out all over campus, thanks to an encouraging environment created by the faculty dorm team. Dorm Head Mark Ravaglia expresses it this way, “HPA’s residential life values: respect, responsibility, honor, and care, are intended to apply both to oneself and others. If students leave with these as part of their own values, I feel that we at HPA have done our job.” Perry-Fiske boys care about their community and each other and have built friendships and memories that they will carry with them long after they leave HPA.

Dorm Head

Dr. Mark Ravaglia (“Dr. R”) is entering his sixteenth year at HPA, twelve of them as dorm head. He is also the pole vault coach and math instructor. He leads a team of three other residential faculty who reside in Perry-Fiske, plus a number of affiliated faculty who live nearby on campus. Together they create a welcoming atmosphere and provide adult supervision on each of the dorm’s four hallways. Dr. R and his wife, Sylvia, have a daughter, Tiffany ’26, who is a Lower School student at HPA.