Robertson Hall is the only co-ed dorm within the residential life program at HPA. It mixes individuality together with aloha to form one tight-knit community. The dorm tends to have a special family feeling, with older girls watching out for their younger “brothers” who live in a separate wing. Dorm faculty and prefects make Robertson feel like home with birthday celebrations, dorm barbeques, marshmallow roasting at the fire pit, and many other bonding activities. There is no shortage of weekend activities between cooking, movie nights, and of course, the oh-so-famous vans to town. Robertson residents are also often found in their double-decker common rooms, hanging out or helping each other study.

Dorm Head

Mr. Hamilton Ford ’05 is an HPA alumnus and the director of residential life. Having lived in the dorms as a student, Mr. Ford has a unique and valuable perspective on boarding life. He leads a team of two other residential dorm faculty who reside in Robertson, plus a number of affiliated faculty who live nearby. Together they create a friendly feeling in Robertson and provide adult supervision for two hallways of female students and a separate wing for male students, most of whom are in ninth grade.