Residential Life

The purpose of the Residential Life program at HPA is to promote the development of students as ethically sound individuals and responsible community members in an enriching and globally diverse environment. The program focuses on the growth of the whole student by respecting and positively developing the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and philosophical aspects of each personality.

Through various structures, curriculum and activities, the boarding program strives to uphold the three tenets of the HPA mission statement: providing exceptional learning opportunities; providing a diverse community; and honoring the cultures and traditions of Hawai'i. Nightly weekday study halls provide a focused and structured environment where faculty guidance, and peer tutoring and collaboration can take place. Weekly residential community meetings provide venues where the core values of honor, responsibility, respect, and care are discussed, along with topics such as the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle, the development of communication skills, the appreciation of diversity, and the responsible use of technology. Monthly formal dinners offer students and faculty a chance to come together to enjoy intimate and intellectual conversations. Numerous enriching outdoor activities and service projects enable students to enjoy the distinct and unique beauty of the Big Island. Weekend student excursions and on-campus activities offer a variety of fun bonding opportunities.

HPA’s school culture is made up of a diverse student body. We honor individual backgrounds, while asking students to meld into one common school culture. The student handbook outlines our basic citizenship standards. We recognize various holidays, traditions, arts, literature and customs through our curriculum. With so many different personalities, ideas and cultures weaving into our own special HPA mosaic, we have a culture that challenges the strong, encourages the meek, and provides an arena for long lasting success. We are built on the concept of immersion. We accept that we are all different, but the experiences that bond us are the critical pieces in our programs. Not every day is easy here, and this is important to us, as we foster growth and individual development.

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