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Aloha Consultants, we’re glad you’re here!

HPA’s mission is to provide exceptional learning opportunities in a diverse community honoring the traditions of Hawai‘i. Through our core values — integrity, respect, wonder, and the pursuit of excellence — we make HPA a warm, welcoming, purposeful community where students will grow and be accepted for who they are.

We value educational consultants and their role in matching outstanding students with our school. With this page, we have tried to supply you with all the information you might need at your fingertips, but please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional needs by contacting the admissions office at or 808-881-4321. We look forward to partnering with you!

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Tiare Judd Police ’86, director of admission

Tiare Judd Police ’86, director of admission
Office: 808-881-4023
Skype: tpolicehpa
WhatsApp/WeChat: Tiare Police
Line: tiarepolicehpa

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Janet Melton, associate director of admission

Janet Melton, associate director of admission

Territory: Asia and U.S. mainland (boarding students)
Office: 808-881-4063
Skype: JK Melton HPA
WhatsApp/WeChat: Janet Melton – HPA

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Maria Mora, international admissions

Maria Mora, international admissions

Territory: Europe, Latin/South America, and other international locations except for Asia
WhatsApp me: +34 637.122.488
Skype: mariaandreinamorabello

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Application checklist for students

Have a student that is considering HPA? Here are some of the need-to-knows when it comes to applying!

Key dates

February 9, 2021
Application deadline

March 9, 2021
Decisions released

April 10, 2021
Priority deadline to enroll

If HPA is your first or only choice, you may be eligible for an “early decision” as early as November 30, 2020. Please ask your admission counselor about the details.

To complete your online application, you will be asked for:

  • Application fee: $50
  • General application form
  • Recommendation letters from math and english teachers
  • School records/transcripts (previous two years)
  • Student essays
  • Parent statement
  • Applicant photograph
  • Supplemental forms
  • Interview
  • Optional testing (English proficiency test, if applicable. Speak to an admissions counselor if you have additional questions about testing.)

As a consultant my work with HPA is not only based on phenomenal communication, but also a friendly atmosphere, support almost 24/7 — even with the time difference. And moreover, their open-minded attitude helps you to deal with every question you or your student might have. Thank you HPA for being our partner and the best place for our students!”

– Consultant from Prague, Czech Republic

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the application deadline?

    Application deadlines for first round admission decisions are listed by grade level at

  • When should an applicant begin the admission process?

    Once the application for the upcoming academic year is available on the HPA website, applicants are welcome to engage in the admission process. By starting the process early in the fall, applicants have more time to consider the opportunities at HPA and gather supplemental materials for the application process.

  • What happens if an application is late?

    If an application is received after the priority deadline, the applicant will move into the rolling decision process and s/he will be considered after those applicants who have submitted complete files by the priority deadline. Rolling admission decisions will be made based on space availability.

  • How many applicants are admitted each year?

    Typically, about 120 students are admitted each year, grades K-12, PG.

  • How many applicants are accepted into the residential program each year?

    About 45 students are accepted into our residential program each year (grades 9- 12, PG), with the majority going into Grade 9 (35 boarders).

  • Do applicants need to take the SSAT?

    Applicants applying to grades 6-11, HPA are required to submit SSAT scores as part of the admission process. In rare cases, HPA will allow other standardized test scores in lieu of the SSAT. Applicants from countries that do not offer the SSAT should contact the Admission Office. Applicants applying to grade 12 and PG may submit the following in lieu of the SSAT: College Board PSAT or SAT, ACT, PLAN, EXPLORE, as well as psycho-educational testing or Woodcock Johnson test administered in the past 18 months.

  • How important are test scores?

    Test scores are considered within the context of the student’s complete application. Test scores can provide insight into a student’s academic capability and potential. Students are highly encouraged to prepare for, complete, and submit test scores to ensure a complete application file. For test dates, visit HPA test center code is 3766.

  • What does HPA look for in an applicant?

    HPA is a selective institution, which means we are looking for applicants who are seeking a challenging environment where they will be among peers who share their ambition and initiative. We believe there are many ways to make an impact on the world and at HPA we give serious consideration to grades and test scores, but HPA also is looking for a “good match” between the applicant and the school. By “good match” we mean someone whose values are aligned with HPA’s, which include holding oneself to a high moral and ethical standard and looking for opportunities to make positive change in the world. We also are looking for applicants who identify as a contributor, who are engaged, and embody a collaborative spirit; those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and try new things; those who express a healthy curiosity and are excited about learning; those who strive for balance and can prioritize their commitments; and those who understand the value of creating space for reflection in their life. Of course, there is no one profile that represents the student community here at HPA, but there are definitely common threads that run throughout. Some applicants come into the admissions process already exhibiting these attributes; others have noted potential. In the selection process, we are looking for applicants who we believe will thrive on campus and who will come academically prepared.

  • Do applicants need to submit all of the pieces of the application at the same time?

    No, the application, student statement, parent statement, and all supplemental material may be submitted separately. It is important for the applicant and family to submit their material as early as possible and to begin working with the applicant’s school and teachers to ensure their material also is submitted on time.

  • If an applicant is not accepted in Early Decision, what happens?

    There is a chance that an applicant will not be granted Early Decision, but may still be considered within the context of the priority applicant pool. We will notify the applicant on January 15 that the admission decision has been deferred and the application will be moved into the priority applicant pool to receive an official decision on March 10.

  • Does HPA offer five-day boarding?

    HPA offers limited spaces for on-island five-day boarding.

  • Does HPA accept applications for Spring semester?

    Yes. HPA accepts applications for the Spring semester and admission will be on a space available basis. Applicants for Spring semester should contact the admission office to discuss this option.

  • How competitive is admission to HPA?

    HPA is a selective school and competition varies at each level, particularly in the day student pool. Our primary entry points are grades K, 6, and 9. Typically, there are very limited spaces available in grades K-5 and 10-12 & PG.

  • When and how are admission decisions communicated?

    Early decisions (seven-day boarding students only) will be communicated before January 15. For Kindergarten, priority admission decisions will be communicated on February 27. For grades 1-12 and PG priority admission decisions will be communicated on March 6.

  • If an applicant is denied admission, can they apply again?

    Yes. A student may need more time to develop their academic profile or other forms of readiness and HPA understands that a student who is previously not offered admission may be more ready at some point in the future.

  • Does HPA offer athletic or other scholarships?

    HPA offers merit and need-based scholarships, in addition to Financial Aid.

  • Still have questions?

    If your question was not answered above, please reach out to

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